Welcome to my head, where all chaos breaks loose in the form of magic, worlds, and characters.

I would tell you about the story I have here, but it is far better for you to learn by yourself. For I cannot claim I have any cohesive idea how this mess fits together; that's up to the reader. So enjoy yourself! And oh! Before you go, some things for navigational purposes:

  1. The Characters button will open a selection of characters. Each one of those characters will open into a bio, and explain the plot they are a part of.

  2. The Worlds button will open a selection of worlds. Each one of those worlds will explain their history in the Isolated Empire, when they were discovered, and how magic is used in their society.

  3. The Magic button will open a selection of powers, including a list of combonations, levels, and tiers. There are many rules, and it can be useful to know them all.

  4. And the Snippets section. That will always be a work in progress. That will contain links to various bits and pieces of works I have deemed ready enough for the populace, of which there are very few. Simply to give an idea of my style and what you're in for.

Enjoy yourself, and note that this is all a work in progress... most of the individual defintions are left blank because I still need to figure it out/write it out.